Life's Better with improved cash flow.

While other software systems attempt to retrofit what they have for new payment models, Collain solutions are ready right now.  They are the only systems created with direct input from providers, physician leaders, and healthcare policy experts.  

Workarounds and overrides are eliminated because the system was built to smoothly and easily handle very complex details.

Get in front of reform with clean claims, vs. wondering when you will catch up.

  • You will enjoy efficiencies, transparency in reporting, and uncompromised cash flow.

Decrease appeal rates and you'll have an edge when competing for census

Have a payer that wishes to receive automated reports? You can easily set those up with your Business Intelligence (BI) tool.

Easily scale up from one to hundreds of facilities, with simple tools to drill down or roll up data. 

Finally we have a system that makes what we do easy, as it should be.

It's what computers are supposed to do.

- Director of Reimbursement, Collain Multi-State Client


Simplicity and ease of use result in end user adoption at its highest level.


Instant access to information without chasing down paper trails results in faster decisions.

Reduced Training

Workflows addressing today's realities in payment models create efficiencies quickly.

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