Life's Better when you work smarter. 

The only solution on the market that is ready for today's and tomorrow's healthcare challenges for coordinating care across the continuum, creating better quality of data, reduced readmissions and improved medication management

Simple and intuitive workflows address today's clinical realities. The system thinks like clinicians think, and works the way they work, resulting in remarkable efficiency and system adoption rates.



At a glance, reporting enables you to see areas needing improvement, and areas that are performing well, giving you more time to proactively increase quality.

Get all the data at your fingertips to dramatically speed up assessments and audits.

The way it just goes along with their workflow I think is huge because what that allowed us to do is gather more data. The easier we make it for them, the more data we're going to gather.

- Penny Marshall, Director of Clinical IT; Multi-State Collain Client


Simplicity and ease of use result in end user adoption at its highest level.


Instant access to information without chasing down paper trails results in faster decisions and improved care.

Reduced Training

Workflows addressing today's realities in skilled nursing create efficiencies quickly. 

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