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You track a dizzying array of programs, services, and data points every day—from providing the high-quality services and optimizing care transitions to staying on top of quality measures and Five-Star ratings. The list of regulations, initiatives, and requirements can seem nearly endless. 

Relieve the stress of keeping up by partnering with our strategic consulting suite of continuum and operations business services. Collain consulting services will help optimize your value, identify areas of opportunity for improvement, and assist you in achieving unprecedented success.

Customized Strategic Consulting

We will help solve any problem you have.

Collain helps providers succeed in today’s complex healthcare environment. Heighten operational performance and clinical outcomes with strategic consulting in the following areas, or any area needed.



From advising on selection to implementation to ongoing training, you will receive the benefits of a competitive advantage, lower costs and higher quality.


Patient Transitions

Creating patient-centric transitions is vital to resource utilization. Collain Healthcare consultants will design or optimize the patient transition process to maximize resource utilization and efficiencies, and minimize redundancies and unnecessary variations in care delivery. Recommendations are designed to promote value-based care delivery and track patients as they move through the continuum.


Physician Group Services

Managing medical directors and attending physicians effectively as they navigate MACRA-mandated quality payment programs and advanced alternative payment models is an operational imperative. Collain Healthcare can negotiate contracts, set up physician groups, and manage physician reimbursements on your behalf, saving you start up and capital costs.


Referral Networks

Managed care, bundled payment initiatives, and ACOs encompass your new world of advanced alternative payment models, and providers must keep up with the ever-changing requirements and deadlines, as well as ensure that their contracts offer the best possible terms. Collain Healthcare’s consulting services will get you a seat at the table and negotiate optimal terms for you.


Technology, Security and Compliance

Security across your entire organization is vital to reducing risk, boosting compliance, and improving quality. Collain Healthcare understands your risks and offers tools to ensure compliance, and reduce the risk for a data breach or costly fine:

  • A 21-point security assessment
  • Best practices for a sound security strategy
  • Proven tools for continuous improvement
  • HIPAA compliance tools
  • Follow through with well-documented processes

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