Virtual Care


Life's Better connected.

  • Extend your brand, broaden reach-of-care, and find staffing efficiencies while continuing to deliver high quality healthcare services.

Virtual Care Management (VCM) allows providers to leverage secure, live video consultations between patients and their primary and specialty care physicians, as well as other clinicians.

Developed as a SaaS solution, VCM is a robust, cloud-based HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant communication platform developed to enable healthcare providers to directly engage patients remotely in a "virtual care" environment.

Healthcare providers can conduct both scheduled and on-demand virtual consultations to:

    • Identify changes in patient status

    • Reduce hospital readmissions

    • Prevent adverse events 

    • Intervene earlier and faster

    • Provide remote medical services 

    • Create incremental revenue streams

    • Collaborate across the entire care team 

    • Further PDPM readiness and capabilities

    • Increase flexibility for innovative care         delivery models

With the video technology, the focus is much more on patient interaction and less on the paperwork side of it. In an office it takes time to get the vitals and get the patient in a room. But with the video visits, as well as the monitoring and data transmission tools, the patient is in the comfort of his or her home. Another benefit of the technology is that patients actually feel more accountable to their own care, which helps with their compliance.

- Blake Wachter, MD, PhD, cardiologist


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