Remote Patient Monitoring & Mobile Health


Life’s Better with a strategy


Having a technology-enabled healthcare strategy is a must. Remote patient monitoring (RPM), telehealth, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart homes all present opportunities for providers to broaden their service offerings. Boost incremental revenues and ensure your seat at the broader population health management table.
Healthcare and senior care providers must respond to a rapidly changing landscape. Accelerate your strategic business initiatives, like patient engagement strategies, population health management, remote patient monitoring, care coordination, wellness programs, and more.


Leverage Conduit, a best-in-class, turnkey RPM platform, that makes integrating a massively scalable program simple. Select from a portfolio of more than 350 devices, from activity trackers to medical devices and even kiosks, applicable for any use case. Mobile health patient data is delivered in a manner where the data is secure, complete and actionable.

The flexibility of this solution is a huge cost savings and still allows clinician users to literally choose any device they want to connect with for their patient care plans.

- Win Burke, CEO, iGetBetter


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