Enterprise Content Management and Document Workflow


Life’s Better with easy access


Scan, index, retrieve, and search all mission-critical healthcare documents without leaving the EHR. Digitizing hardcopy files and integrating them with the EHR provides a single view of charts to all authorized staff— at the same time—stemming the never-ending flow of paper.

Rest assured that ePHI is protected, with scanned documents being encrypted and stored on a secured server where the originals are unalterable. This streamlined system makes compliance and audit efficiency easy, with reporting on all document activities and access.


-Sort through client electronic charts and view, search, redact, combine, print and e-mail individual documents

-Increase audit efficiency and accountability with reporting on all document activities and access

-Redact confidential information to safeguard ePHI

-Access electronic client charts 24x7 for information sharing among the care team and improved quality of care.

Finally we have a system that makes what we do easy, as it should be.
It's what computers are supposed to do.

- Director of Reimbursement, Collain Multi-State Client


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