Collain Fusion Interoperability Solution

Collain Fusion, a solution built to help you quickly and effectively exchange information so you can deliver enhanced care.

Centralizing all Your Data

Experience interoperability that makes information exchange easier than ever. Here’s how:

The Results You'll Get


Improved Outcomes

Makes it easier for you to treat patients, improving outcomes and creating happier patients.


Tracked Issues & Trends

Lets executives track enterprise-wide issues and trends when and where it’s needed.


Evidence-Based Care

Allows users to drive decision support and guidelines with evidence-based care.

Solutions Made for Your Success

Explore the benefits of Collain Fusion.


Uses an AI-driven approach to patient engagement that delivers better outcomes.

Risk Mitigation

Identifies factors that present risks to your patients and your organization in real-time to accelerate control and prevention.

Decision Support

Offers evidence-based practices and information for informed decisions at the point of care.


Allows you to share important data points within and outside organizational systems to advance safe and effective delivery of healthcare services.


Creates a robust view of your data to drive better outcomes, optimize revenue, and reduce costs of care.

Patient Tracking

Facilitates the best possible treatment plan through real-time patient care history and status in a single view.

Data Alignment/Integration

Consolidates all associated patient data from various sources into a single unified record.

Organizational Health

Provides tools for assessing the clinical and financial performance of your organization.

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