Analytics and Business Intelligence

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Life's Better when decisions are made easier.

You use a myriad of cloud applications that each hold critical data to enable you to make operational, clinical and financial decisions. Streamlining it into a simple, digestible format is a challenge. Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) from Collain pulls it all together - how you want to see it - and provides visibility and insights into existing data to help improve performance, meet compliance requirements, set goals and monitor progress

If the data exists, it can be extracted, cleansed and consolidated to a format customized for you that will help you make decisions to drive the compliance, quality, profitability and performance of your business, such as QAPI or PBJ reporting. Plus, you own your own data and are not held hostage to costly data extractions. 

The data can be used for your internal analysis and responses, or to provide reports to use in marketing, referrals or anything you can imagine.


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