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Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records

Life's Better when work flows easily.

Care delivery is no longer about disparate episodes of care but life cycles of care, and therefore requires a real-time, patient-centered approach. Clients of Collain Healthcare replace a patchwork of data with one unified, interactive patient health record.

Collain was built by clinicians with completely modernized workflows to:

  • Ensure interoperability with pharmacy orders, laboratory results, or radiology images in each patient record

  • Eliminate extra steps, duplicate entry, and workarounds

  • Support clinical decision making through an interactive framework

  • Connect you to the continuum, for unmatched care coordination


Remote Patient Monitoring

Life’s Better with a strategy

Having a technology-enabled healthcare strategy is a must. Remote patient monitoring (RPM), telehealth, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart homes all present opportunities for providers to broaden their service offerings. Boost incremental revenues and ensure your seat at the broader population health management table.



Life's Better when connected.

Through remote monitoring and video visits, you can potentially spot changes in patient status or condition before they result in unnecessary acute care utilizations, hospital readmissions, adverse events or other episodes of costly and preventable healthcare expenditures. Caregivers monitoring patient status are alerted in real time to act. 

Caregivers can intervene earlier and faster, armed with real-time data to drive better diagnosis, triage and treatment

With Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), caregivers can use their own device or the patient's existing equipment, and can enter readings on the patient's mobile device in seconds, for the ultimate in flexibility. Mobile Device Management ensures HIPAA compliance. If a device is lost or stolen, it can be remotely wiped of data.

Population Health

Population Health

Life's Better when you see the complete picture.

For healthcare communities seeking to improve patient care while bearing more risk, the Collain Care Cloud is a technology ecosystem for population health management, to drive quality, reduce costs, and preserve patient choice.

Unlike an HIE warehouse with fragmented data, the Collain Population Health Cloud unifies data from multiple sources in a single system.

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Analytics & Business Intelligence

Life's Better when decisions are made easier.

Streamlining the myriad of data you have into a simple, digestible format is a challenge. Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) from Collain pulls it all together - how you want to see it - and provides visibility and insights into existing data to help improve performance, meet compliance requirements, set goals and monitor progress. 


Strategic Consulting

Life's Better with expert guidance.

Relieve the stress of keeping up with a dizzying array of programs, services, and data points by partnering with our strategic consulting suite of continuum and operations business services. Collain consulting services will help optimize your value, identify areas of opportunity for improvement, and assist you in achieving unprecedented success.

Point of Care

Point of Care

Smart solutions for seamless care transitions

Put unprecedented power to deliver remarkable care ... in the palm of every caregiver's hand. With the Collain Point of Care Solution (POCS), staff only need to learn one intuitive system.

Provide devices or caregivers can use their device with the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) solution, for the ultimate in flexibility. Mobile Device Management ensures HIPAA compliance. If a device is lost or stolen, it can be remotely wiped of data.



Smart solutions for seamless care transitions
  • Workflows involving pharmacy orders, laboratory results, or radiology images are right in each patient record - in real time - as care decisions are being made. No digging in separate file folders.

  • Data shared with hospital partners is standards based, allowing you to put it to use faster as care transitions are made. As you assess patients, you'll have a richer picture of the patient at your fingertips, eliminating guesswork.


Enterprise Resource Planning

Life's Better with financial control

ntegrate ERP with the EHR to gain control over the entire enterprise. Collain's ERP automates healthcare accounting practices to better manage resources, increase operational efficiencies, and control costs. From professional staff management to the supply chain, ensure the right people and the right tools are in the right place at the right time.

-Gain complete, accurate and easy financial management automation, with integrated General Ledger, Accounts Payable, and Asset Management.


Enterprise Content Management

Life’s Better with easy access

Scan, index, retrieve, and search all mission-critical healthcare documents without leaving the EHR. Digitizing hardcopy files and integrating them with the EHR provides a single view of charts to all authorized staff— at the same time—stemming the never-ending flow of paper.

Rest assured that ePHI is protected, with scanned documents being encrypted and stored on a secured server where the originals are unalterable. This streamlined system makes compliance and audit efficiency easy, with reporting on all document activities and access.

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