Private Duty


Life's Better when you help seniors age in place.

Help seniors age in place with an efficient platform that improves workflows from scheduling to point of care to back office operations. Ensure your agency adheres to all rules and regulations while streamlining authorizations and billing to meet the needs of any client, payer, ACO, or network.

Provide higher levels of quality home health care with an evolutionary electronic health records and business operations platform that integrates next generation telehealth and electronic visit verification (EVV) solutions.

Beforehand, many patients didn’t understand that Action A leads to Outcome B. This technology is helping them make the connection, which builds confidence and that’s really what our care is about—it’s about building self-confidence so that patients and their families can live in their home for the length of their days.

- Stacy Olinger, regional director of clinical operations; Eden Health

Life’s Better with Collain

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