Life's Better with compassionate care.

Palliative and hospice care teams provide compassionate care for a comfortable quality of life. Technology should improve the experience for patients and families, not create an impersonal environment.  

Hospices using Collain get the next generation of EHR that improves workflow to enable care teams to provide the level of care patients deserve. The solution is:

  • Modern. You'll be ready for today's challenges: providing efficient care, and taking quality to new heights. 

  • Smart. Simple workflows address today's realities in hospice care. The system thinks like caregivers think, works the way they work, and incorporates the latest requirements for compliance. 

  • Longitudinal. It draws in data across the continuum, freeing clinicians from chasing down paper transfer forms, family members, and doctors. Decisions get made faster.

  • Mobile. Capture data real time with the Point of Care Solution (POCS). Combine multiple devices into one smart, mobile solution.

  • • Gain up to 10% more in justifiable reimbursement due to more timely, complete and accurate data capture.

    • • 50% faster documentation than other solutions with hyper-efficient workflows.

I like being able to pull out the hospital record before the patient is scanned in. Usually you have to manipulate your way of doing things to the system and Collain really truly works with the workflow, including the physicians. 

- Dr. Neeraj Sharma, MD


Simplicity and ease of use result in end user adoption at its highest level.


Instant access to information without chasing down paper trails results in faster decisions and improved care.

Reduced Training

Workflows addressing today's realities in hospice care create efficiencies quickly.

Life’s Better with Collain

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