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Life's Better when technology helps seniors stay at home.

Imagine having a system built from its inception to handle unlimited payer models and service offerings across the continuum.  Provide higher levels of quality home health care with an evolutionary electronic health records and business operations platform that integrates next generation telehealth and electronic visit verification (EVV) solutions.

  • Detect changes in condition before they result in avoidable acute events and readmissions.

Intervene earlier, faster, and effectively with current data to drive better decisions.

  • Attract more referrals, backed by data-driven reports of success.

  • Develop best practices with user-configurable content and workflow.

  • Combine telehealth, post-acute EHR, health system EMR, and HIE data for a comprehensive, real-time view of patients in the Population Health Cloud. 

With the video technology, the focus is much more on patient interaction and less on paperwork side of it. In an office it takes time to get the vitals and get the patient in a room. But with the video visits, as well as the monitoring and data transmission tools, the patient is in the comfort of his or her home. Another benefit of the technology is that patients actually feel more accountable to their own care, which helps with their compliance.

- Blake Wachter, MD, PhD, Cardiologist


Simplicity and ease of use result in end user adoption at its highest level.


Instant access to information without chasing down paper trails results in faster decisions and improved care.

Reduced Training

Workflows addressing today's realities in home health care create efficiencies quickly.

Life’s Better with Collain

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