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We enable those in senior living, skilled nursing, and virtual care to improve their workflow, enhance their care, and boost their productivity with innovative long-term and post-acute EHR software solutions.

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Caregivers at senior living facilities struggle to find the balance between maintaining dignity and independence for residents and delivering quality care. The right tools help them get there.

The old notion of “long-term care” is quickly being replaced by “transitional care.” As patients move from one care setting to another, clinicians must quickly pull together all available information to make fast decisions upon which lives depend.

The Innovative Software Solutions You Need

"Most industry partners will say, 'Here are our products, we can tailor it to what you like, but really you have to adapt what you do to what we do.' I think a partner like Collain is rare because they’re willing to change their program to adapt to what you would like to do. And that’s revolutionary."
Kelly Spier
Eden Home Health
"Our organization can monitor and measure the level of care we provide for our clients in real-time, with information and data collected on a daily basis."
Yessica Aldana