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Skilled Nursing

Smarter decisions upon which lives depend

The old notion of 'long-term care' is quickly being replaced by 'transitional care.' As patients move from one care setting to another, clinicians must quickly pull together all available information to make fast decisions upon which lives depend.

Senior Living

Smart solutions for remarkable lifestyles

Acuity in assisted living and memory care is rising. The need for a harmonious balance between maintaining dignity and independence for residents and delivering higher levels of quality care is a constant challenge.

Home Health

Smart solutions for seamless care transitions

As payment models transform and risk increasingly shifts to providers, more information and automation is needed to coordinate care across the continuum, demonstrating measurable quality while controlling costs. 


Smarter decisions for compassionate care

Simple workflows address today's realities in hospice care. The system thinks like clinicians think, works the way they work, and incorporates the latest requirements for compliance. The result: unprecedented efficiency and adoption rates.

Private Duty

Smart solutions for day-to-day care

Help seniors age in place with an efficient platform that improves workflows from scheduling to point of care to back office operations. Ensure your agency adheres to all rules and regulations while streamlining authorizations and billing to meet the needs of any client, payer, ACO, or network.

Virtual Care

Smarter solutions for lower costs and higher quality

The Telehealth platform was designed to put patients at the center of care by enabling healthcare providers to deliver timely, personalized, efficient care and education across the care continuum, while empowering patients to take a more active role in their own healthcare.

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