Point of Care Solution (POCS)

Empower teams to collect clinical data, collaborate, communicate, and thrive

"New staff get up to speed 80% faster than other systems we've used."
Director of Clinical Information Technology, LG CNS Multi-State Client



No one is closer to patients and residents than direct care workers. To perform at their very best, caregivers are often plagued with as many as 5 separate electronic devices for documenting ADLs, vitals, communicating, nurse call, and other resident needs like calendars of appointments. Deploying, training, and managing multiple devices is cumbersome and impractical.


Work Smart

Put unprecedented power to deliver remarkable care... in the palm of every caregiver's hand. Staff only need to learn one intuitive system.


  • Combine 5 devices into one smart solution
  • 50-75% reduction of overtime hours
  • 80% reduction in training time
  • Gain up to 10% more in justifiable reimbursement due to more timely, complete, and accurate data capture
  • 50% faster documentation than other solutions with hyper-efficient workflows
  • Eliminate reliance on memory and waiting in line to document