IT Leadership

Put decades of global experience to work for you


When it comes to IT, one size never fits all. Internet service can vary from facility to facility. Some caregivers love pocket-sized devices, while others prefer those with larger screens. And with transparency and the need for connectivity with partners on the rise, finding the right IT experts with powerful experience is mission critical. With healthcare reform underway, no one can afford to wait months for vendors to catch up. A mature solution with global market muscle is needed now more than ever.  


Clients of LG CNS enjoy freedom and flexibility to design a smart solution around business needs, and not the spec of the vendor. Upon first tap, you’ll see it’s already optimized for the modern era of healthcare reform, with robust reporting tools, streamlined workflows, and connectivity for HIEs and beyond.  You’ll put over two decades of global IT interoperability and analytics to work for you—on the first day you light it up.   

Work Smart

  • Security and reporting. Analytics, business intelligence (BI) and data mining are made easy. You won't find barriers between you and your data because you'll put the same powerful BI tool used by LG CNS clients for banking, passport, ticketing solutions and more - to work for you. The tool is intuitive and very easy to use, and addresses HIPAA requirements.
  • Interoperability. Point-to-point solutions are time consuming to maintain. With LG CNS, you'll tap into over two decades of a very different approach, where interoperability is standards based, making connections far more comprehensive, workflow aligned, and easier to manage.
  • Hosting options. Because the quality of Internet service can vary widely from facility to facility, you can choose to host onsite, host in your own cloud, outsource a cloud, or leverage the Population Health Cloud of LG CNS.
  • Devices. Some team members enjoy a small mobile device, while others prefer the larger screen of a tablet or laptop. Enjoy flexibility to deploy the apps on the devices with which team members are most comfortable - and see productivity soar.