Innovation in Action

Shape the future of care

Working Smarter

The solutions you’re experiencing on this site were all created by your peers, working on real teams, just like yours. While other technology providers have software labs far away from patients, the LG way is very different: clients doing hands-on work are the lab. Solution engineers work side by side with care teams as patient care is delivered, and with business office teams as work is getting done.    


  • Speed. Solutions get built on the spot, working side by side with clinicians who test them in real care environments immediately.
  • More time for care. Innovations are grounded in solving practical, every day problems. Can a solution save a few steps? That matters in the world of care, where minutes add up to hours that can be freed for proactive care.
  • Unprecedented efficiency. Because clinicians are in the driver’s seat, they help solution engineers think the way they think, making workflows hyper-efficient, logical, and elegant. Yesterday’s workflows are re-imagined for maximum efficiency in today’s clinical world.