A proven approach for fast ROI, 99% utilization

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"New staff get up to speed 80% faster than with other systems we've used."
Director of Clinical Information Technology, LG CNS Multi-State Client


The number of technology systems that are deployed and barely used across the industry is staggering. Turnover, poor usability, and lack of nurturing are typical culprits.


Implementing a technology solution is far from a ‘check the box’ exercise. Done well, it will transform your entire operation and create efficiencies.  It takes an easy-to-use system, thoughtful preparation, team nurturing through change, and constant follow up for clinicians to drive ever-increasing levels of quality outcomes. And over time, as new features are made available, the cycle starts anew.  

implementationWork Smart

  • Benefit from a smooth, fast implementation due to a well-organized and proven project plan.
  • Blend on-site and on-line training, to accommodate the diverse learning styles of your staff.
  • See lots of hands-on and video-driven education because clinicians are often highly-visual learners.


  • Faster return on investment
  • Reduced risk as use of paper is driven to zero
  • Elimination of time-consuming manual work-arounds