Financial Leadership

Smart workflows for uninterrupted cash flows

"Finally we have a system that makes what we do easy, as it should be. It's what computers are supposed to do."
Director of Reimbursement, LG CNS Multi-State Client


In a world of new payment models, ACOs, and MCOs, each contract has unique negotiated terms, making managing claims a complex process. In fact, each claim can be a little different, requiring different rules down to the patient level. With legacy systems, teams are often forced to create workarounds and overrides to process claims. If claims are not flawlessly executed, cash flow is delayed or compromised.  Appeal rates are among the metrics by which ACOs and MCOs will measure you.  Get them under control, and you’ll have an edge when competing for census. 


While other software systems attempt to retrofit what they have for new payment models, LG CNS Business Office Solution is ready right now.  It is the only system on the market created after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, with direct input from providers, physician leaders, and healthcare policy experts.  Workarounds and overrides are eliminated because the system was built to smoothly and easily handle very complex details.  

Work Smart

Get out in front of reform with clean claims, vs. wondering when you’ll catch up. You’ll enjoy efficiencies, transparency in reporting, and uncompromised cash flow. 


  • Transparency. Have a payor that wishes to receive automated reports? You can easily set those up with your Business Intelligence (BI) tool.
  • Scalable. Works great for 1 facility or hundreds, with simple tools to drill down or roll up data.