Electronic Health Records

A true longitudinal healthcare record across the post-acute continuum; modern innovations and technology; re-imagined workflows

"Of all the systems we’ve used, nothing matches our workflows like this one… saving hours of work."
Director of Clinical Information Technology, LG CNS Multi-State Client



Most EHR systems are difficult to implement and remain under-utilized. Systems claiming to be completely paperless are in fact not. As patients move across post-acute settings, each admission results in a separate health record.

Work Smart

Care delivery is no longer about disparate episodes of care but life cycles of care, and therefore requires a real-time, patient-centered approach. Clients of LG CNS replace a patchwork of data with one unified, interactive patient health record.

LG CNS was built by clinicians with completely modernized workflows to:

  • Eliminate extra steps, duplicate entry, and workarounds
  • Support clinical decision making through an interactive framework
  • Connect you to the continuum, for unmatched care coordination


  • 99% utilized - end user adoption at its highest
  • 99% paperless
  • 80% reduced training time
  • Higher efficiencies and reduced errors through interoperability with labs, radiology, pharmacy, acute, and ambulatory care
  • Combine telemedicine, post-acute EHR, health system EMR, and HIE data for a comprehensive, real-time view of patients in the LG CNS Population Health Cloud
  • Meets a variety of healthcare certification requirements.