Customer Relationship Management

Boost occupancy and enjoy seamless, efficient integration with your EHR



There are a lot of generic CRM solutions on the market, most of which require hours of training and come with dozens of modules your team will never use. Free solutions are also an option; however, these will cost more than you realize in double data entry after leads convert and your staff is burdened with handoff meetings and piecing together information for your EHR. These are precious labor hours that erode selling time. 


With a CRM solution from LG CNS, you’ll enter, organize, manage, track leads to close, and seamlessly watch data populate all the right fields in your EHR.  You’ll also enjoy having metrics at your fingertips to measure the performance of referral sources as well as your sales team’s ability to capture and convert them.   

Work Smart

  • Boost efficiency with a dashboard that gives you global views of your inquiries, opportunities, activities, calendar, and follow up tasks - in one place. 
  • Improve lead conversion rates with friendly “to-do” lists, helping sales teams more thoroughly work all angles of open opportunities and optimize referral sources.
  • Reduce labor costs and double data entry. Information that’s gathered across the CRM (including a pre-assessment) will in one click automatically populate just the right fields in your LG CNS electronic health record system, helping speed up the entire admissions process.
  • Boost efficiency of your team by streamlining the essential fields you need without being burdened by required fields that are forced by a software system.