Concierge Care Solution

Imagine the future of concierge medicine…today.

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“Take quality, safety, efficiency, productivity—and patient and provider satisfaction—to the next level, all within a single, mobile-based platform.”
Robert Choi, Chief Strategy Officer, Collain Healthcare


The practice of medicine and the delivery of healthcare have changed drastically over the past 10 years, as they will change again in the next 10.  And technology is one of the primary drivers of that change. 


Imagine a future in which your concierge practice has access to a wealth of real-time monitoring and adherence data, with which you can connect, communicate and collaborate via video with patients and other providers anytime, anywhere.

Work Smart

  • Increase reach with a cross-platform (Android and iOS) mobile-based solution, supporting and enabling a truly patient-centric and location-independent experience.  
  • Boost revenue as you diversify and expand your practice’s care offerings by providing Telehealth as a Service (TaaS).
  • Drive results by leveraging real-time remote patient monitoring data which follows your patients across the care continuum.
  • Increase retention by providing highly-personalized interactive care via video visits, screen and picture sharing; chat; and whiteboard features.