Clinical Trials Solution Set

Bring the future of clinical trials operations to your organization today



Enjoy the flexibility to deploy a cross-platform (Android and iOS) mobile-based PHR, supporting and enabling a truly patient-centric clinical trial experience for your participants (even deploying a "bring-your-own-device" ('BYOD') option).


Take your risk-based monitoring (RBM) strategy to the next level with robust 24/7 Bluetooth device-mediated remote patient monitoring (RPM), clinical decision support (CDS) and ‘big data’ analytics capabilities, managed remotely or from a centralized, “command center” location.


Benefit from an unprecedented view of medication and protocol adherence, side effect and symptom-tracking data, including the ability to push  standard or custom QoL and self-assessment surveys at any time.


Engage participants, investigators and site staff at the highest level, with a built-in, secure Video Visit platform for real-time connection (and intervention), and new standards of data sharing, safety, efficiency and simplified logistics.


  • Recruit, retain, engage and empower participants by leveraging the most advanced, comprehensive digital health technology available in a single platform, including a mobile-based PHR (iOS and Android)
  • Reduce the time, cost and complexity of managing clinical trials—while increasing safety, compliance and vigilanceand move the trial closer to the patient
  • Enable 24/7/365 remote patient monitoring via a broad spectrum of Bluetooth-connected devices, with customizable alerts at both the individual- and population-based levels
  • Streamline and automate the consent, medication and clinical supply management processes, leveraging the latest in "smart" and "mobile" technologies
  • Build a mobile-based communications and data infrastructure wherein sponsors and investigators have access to a wealth of real-time monitoring and adherence information, and in which they can connect via video to patients, providers and site staff immediately and securely
  • Connect to and share data with your participants' health records and their providers' healthcare IT systems (EHRs, HIEs), utilizing our semantic interoperability engine and experienced HIT integration personnel