Clinical Leadership

Putting the world of the patient and a universe of proactive care in one intuitive system


Contracts. Miss an opportunity to negotiate one with a hospital, managed care organization (MCO) or Accountable Care Organization (ACO), and providers can see census dry up—overnight.  These contracts are data-driven, and clinical outcomes are a key component. Superior readmission, ALOS, and mortality rates are among the ways providers of care are measured against competitors. The race for quality is on.  How does your performance stack up? 

Work Smart

  • Modern. The only solution on the market created after the passage of the Affordable Care Act, it's ready for today's healthcare challenges for coordinating care across the continuum, reducing readmissions, and taking quality to new heights.
  • Smart. Freshly re-imagined, these workflows address today's clinical realities. The system thinks like clinicians think, works the way they work. The result: remarkable efficiency and system adoption rates.
  • Longitudinal. It draws in data across the continuum, freeing clinicians from chasing down paper transfer forms, family members, and doctors. Decisions get made faster.


  • 99% utilization - end user adoption at its highest
  • 99% paperless
  • 80% reduced training time
  • Higher efficiencies and reduced errors through interoperability with labs, radiology, pharmacy, acute, and ambulatory care
  • Combine telemedicine, post-acute EHR, health system EMR, and HIE data for a comprehensive, real-time view of patients in the LG CNS Population Health Cloud
  • Meets a variety of healthcare certification requirements.