Care Coordination

Essential for reducing costs and improving quality across the post-acute continuum of care


As healthcare reform moves forward, post-acute care is in the spotlight like never before. Why? No other sector of healthcare can have as far reaching an impact on reducing costs and improving population health outcomes, because no other sector touches patients more. Care coordination is paramount to achieving goals for reducing costs and boosting quality.

Work Smart

EHRs from LG CNS are the only solution built after the passage of the Affordable Care Act; and as a result, is ready-made for the new world of bundled payments, managed care, and ACOs – all of which are rapidly reshaping the landscape of healthcare as we know it.


  • Continuum-driven efficiency. As a provider, you get one smart solution that spans the continuum, across skilled, assisted, independent, home, hospice, pharmacy, labs, radiology, and telemedicine. All data across all settings is at the fingertips of care teams who need it, in real time. No digging.
  • Interoperable. When the hospital sends you patients, your system is open and ready for Continuity of Care Documents and/or Records (CCDs and/or CCRs) and more, ending reliance and risk associated with paper transfer forms. Read more about interoperability.
  • You are in the driver’s seat. You get streamlined workflows, interoperability, and analytics from the beginning, without having to wait years for software releases to catch up.
  • Have a great idea? Submit your innovation.