Business Office

Modern, re-imagined workflows for admissions, billing, claims, and more

"Training days for new staff were cut from 5 days to just 1."
Director of Reimbursement, LG CNS Multi-State Client


The days of cookie-cutter claims are over. Business office workflows that allow for flexible claim formats and payor requirements are mission critical for keeping revenues flowing.

Work Smart

Modern workflows for admissions, billing, and claims were re-imagined in LG CNS. Three dashboards make work easy with real-time alerts, guidance on next steps, and closer team collaboration. To learn how, download the eBrochure.

As a result, your team won't have to memorize a pattern of places to hunt for information, because data is logically served up within their workflows.

Real business office teams partner directly with LG CNS to re-imagine workflows for current and new payment models. Teams like yours doing hands-on work are the lab. Software engineers work side by side with teams as business office work is happening. That translates to unprecedented quality, efficiency, and speed to market.


  • Reduces training time 80%
  • Eliminates memorizing sequences of computer screens
  • Eliminates duplicate data entry
  • Triples efficiency of handling high-volume move-ins