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LG CNS is a global IT service provider delivering value beyond our customer's expectations through smart technologies & services that creative talent implements.




LG CNS and its 9,000 IT professionals have been providing superior IT services to more than 5,000 satisfied private and public enterprise clients around the world for the past 20 years.

Dedicated to clients' growth, LG CNS provides expertise on front-end consulting and IT services for reliable system and network integration, e-business, e-outsourcing and other industry specific solutions.

Known as an outstanding IT services provider in China and Southeast Asia, especially for public services systems, LG CNS is servicing global clients in the United States and European countries, with seven subsidiaries and R&D Centers in China, India, US, Europe, Indonesia, Brazil and Japan. Since its inception in 1987, LG CNS has attained an impressive 33% CAGR, nearly doubling sales every two years. In 2007, our revenue was over US $2 Billion. Helping clients address their business issues and maximize productivity and work efficiency through in-depth solutions, LG CNS is the first provider offering clients the most innovative solutions and services to multiply their value for years to come.




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